We believe in the power of understanding, motivation and knowledge. We will make sure we understand your goals, motivate you by recording your progress and presenting results and because we are passionate about what we do, we constantly improve our skills and make sure we follow the latest trends in the fitness industry.

You can choose a Personal training package for you:


If your goal is to loose weight and gain lean, toned body. Weightloss fitness training guaranteeing body mass reduction, nutrition plan, weight record and motivational support. We will help you change your life style and every aspect of your daily routine.

Strength meets Flexibility and Endurance-personal sessions with your instructor, starting with the initial assessment and plan for 2-3 sessions a week. During the private sessions, we concentrate on you and your specific requirements in more detail than it is possible in a class environment. A combination of dynamic strength and flexibility positions and core exercises to strengthen and lengthen your muscles the same time.

If you love Pilates matwork and Pilates small equipment but can’t get enough from the group session- Pilates private sessions and completely focused on you, working with your body limitations and improving your own performance. We start with the postural assessment monitored every 6 weeks. Gain your core strength, improve balance and co-ordination, tone and strengthen your whole body, improve your posture, reduce the back pain. FITWAYS Pilates PT will help your body achieve its potential